OnlyTarts – Lizi Vogue You Don’t Need A Girlfriend


OnlyTarts – Lizi Vogue You Don’t Need A Girlfriend

Lizi Vogue is a mischievous eighteen-year-old. She also has a huge crush on her older stepbrother. One day she hears him on the phone talking to his friend. He met a girl online who prepared a surprise for him and sent some of her lingerie. He is excited because he has never had such an experience. Lizi waits until he leaves the room and then opens the box. She likes the outfit and decides it would be fun to try it on and shock her stepbrother.It looks good on her and she walks in on him expecting him to be surprised. He is, but more than that, she can see how turned on he is seeing in the short skirt and tiny top. She bends over and offers her ass for a spanking for being such a bad girl. He slaps her cheeks a few times and then comes up with a better way for her to be punished. She can get on her knees and apologize to him by sucking his cock. Lizi was only planning on playing a prank on her stepbrother, but when she is face to face with his cock she is too horny to do anything other than swallow it. Since she is so good at that, he decides to really test her slut skills by fucking her asshole. The taboo turns her on, but the deep anal strokes drive her absolutely crazy. She never expected that he was such a dirty boy and certainly wasn’t expecting him to be such a great fuck. He keeps ploughing her ass until he is close and then he pulls out, letting her suck and stroke him until he explodes all over her face. He promises to buy her new sexy outfits if she promises to let him bang her butthole any time he wants

Actors: Lizi Vogue

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